Current Projects

Parinaama is currently engaged in several initiatives in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha. We are working with multiple stakeholders on a range of integrated programs on water and sanitation, menstrual hygiene management, community toilet programs tied with livelihoods and income generation programs. Parinaama is working with women in sanitary napkin and soap manufacturing, facilitation of construction of toilets, supporting in both hardware, and behavior change campaigns, mushroom farming programs, and garment manufacturing program. The broad features of all our projects are:

  • Establishing nano-enterprises in the villages
  • Utilising the Self Help Group Women’s Platforms for Health and Livelihoods
  • Addressing both Health and Livelihoods through Single Intervention
  • Introducing Product-based Health Education Strategy
  • Community Women involved in the production and sale of the products

Other prominent interventions include:

  • Microenterprise Development Programs and Stakeholder Engagement and Advocacy with Grassroots Leaders.

Communications Campaigns for Child Health in Bihar

Parinaama Development Foundation intervenes through an intensive interpersonal communications campaign at the village level, to address the health and nutrition aspects, particularly focusing on preventable deaths. The platforms used to interact with the women include mothers groups, youth groups, self-help groups and adolescents. The five point program offers information on breastfeeding, immunization, supplementary and complementary nutrition, handwashing, and environmental sanitation. The messages have been developed around these areas, and envisaged to bring about behaviour change.


  • Innovative approach utilizing community health volunteers and SHG's for child health improvement
  • Using interpersonal communication strategy at village and hamlet level for behaviour change
  • Covered 40 villages across four blocks in Patna district
  • Addressed more than 10,000 mothers and children in the poorest hamlets
  • Preventive health aspects impacting the child health such as breastfeeding, immunization, handwashing, environmental sanitation, and nutrition addressed
  • Interpersonal communication on five important prevention components - breastfeeding, immunization, nutrition, hand-washing and environmental sanitation
  • A team of trainers trained in communication methods and effectively collaborating with front-line workers.
  • Impactful intervention with several local level initiatives reported as a result of our efforts

Mushroom Farming in Bihar and Jharkhand

Mushroom cultivation is proposed as a strategic income generating concept that can alleviate poverty and reduce malnutrition. It creates employment opportunities for landless, educated and uneducated youth, person with disabilities and adolescent men and women. The project established two mushroom units as important sustainable livelihoods alternatives to reduce poverty and malnutrition in the Eastern states of Bihar and Jharkhand, in Madhubani and Ranchi.


  • Trained more than 200 women in low-cost, farm-based livelihoods, namely mushroom farming
  • Conducted mass mobilization in about 60 villages across Madhubani district and Ranchi district in Bihar and Jharkhand respectively
  • Reached out to more than 4000 people through the community mobilization activities
  • About 10% of the women started earning income through mushroom farming, through our interventions
  • Created a livelihoods platform for tribal women in their hamlet in Jharkhand, led by the women themselves

Skill Development for Women in Odisha

The project on garment microenterprise has been established with the partnership of a range of stakeholders and supported by Rythm foundation. The training of the women is not only limited to tailoring but also establishing household units and microenterprises led by women.


  • Trained more than 1000 women in tailoring/garment production
  • Engaged with women in more than 50 villages
  • Reached out to more than 5000 people in the catchment villages and notified municipality areas
  • Generated a mass interest in sustainable livelihoods and earnings

Microentrepreneurship Development Program for Self-Help Groups in Odisha

The project addresses the poorest pockets of the Western Odisha region encouraging nonfarm livelihoods in the area. Our projects witnessed huge demand for training and learning the skills in sewing and garment production. The project addresses the scope for improvement in logistics systems such as procurement of materials, accessories, dealing with business clients, abilities to form liaisons for acquiring credit, showcasing products, participation in exhibitions and textile trade fairs. In conjunction with the women’s self-help groups, we have conducted a series of microenterprise development programs. The process is very significant to steer the women towards microenterprise development and help sustain the activities of the project over the long term.


  • Initiated more than ten self-help groups as an income generation platforms
  • About 10% of the women are continuing to work and earn a steady trickle of earnings
  • Created a platform for inclusive and sustainable non-farm livelihoods option in the rural areas

Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Livelihoods

Social entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of all our efforts, including modern skills and traditional occupations for sustainable livelihoods. This encompasses building skills and capacities, the creation of job opportunities and market linkages. This continuum of action is applied in all programs as associated with livelihoods including health, education and social inclusion.

  • Livelihoods mapping and identification of needs/priorities
  • Promoting SHG’s, building their capacities, establishing linkages with financial institutions
  • Channelizing unemployed youth in rural areas for skill development programs
  • Facilitating and setting up micro enterprises for youth/women’s employment

Sewing microenterprise program

Parinaama has enabled women’s empowerment through skills development, i.e., training in sewing skills and graduating to garment production, and in the process enhanced their soft skills, financial literacy and managerial skills.


Weaver’s society

We are engaged with conducting soft skills training, financial literacy and leadership skills for engaging with the market, assist them in obtaining funds, generating new work orders, meet new market demands and facilitate market linkages. The programs assist the weavers in showcasing the talent and link with larger weaving centres for sustainable earnings.

Health Workers Training

Shortage of health human resources is an important concern in the health domain. In order to meet the deficit of workers especially in government hospitals and other locations, where there is high patient load, Parinaama facilitates the training of health workers and community health volunteers. The programs will assist the trained workers to find employment in health centers, local hospitals, and clinics.


Traditional livelihoods and cultural heritage

Parinaama provides traditional artisans with opportunities to use their skills to make a living. Through the platform, Parinaama increases income for artisans and their families. This helps stabilize rural communities economically and ensure that cultural heritage will be kept alive for next generation of artisans. Parinaama promotes the cultural heritage through its Social Business Platform, Akriti.

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