Parinaama means change or transformation in a literal and spiritual sense. When we speak of change in the development parlance, we refer to tangible change or results, often measured in numerical terms, but ignore the inner transformation that is required to initiate change in communities. Parinaama hence, represents the amalgamation of holistic change in communities.

We believe that in order to transcend the confines of traditional approaches to problem solving, it is important to engage with communities in learning and sharing process, creating a collective consciousness and self-awareness, grounded firmly at the village level.

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Why Partner with us

  • Strong network of change agents
  • High quality, multi-skilled field teams
  • Presence in hard to reach areas
  • Knowledge and rapport with local comm.
  • Results-oriented, professional and flexible

Key features of our work

  • Innovative
  • Quick appeal
  • Socially inclusive
  • Capacity/skill building
  • Income generating
  • Tangible socio-economic benefits
  • Truly empowered community

In Partnership with

  • Orissa Rural Marketing Society
  • District Rural Development Agency
  • PHDCCI-Rural Development Foundation
  • District Industries Centre
  • Shri Chaitanya Institute of Vaishnavic Culture
  • IAid Global


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Your support will be used to improve the welfare of the marginalised population and build a strong sustainable community.