We solicit partnership of like-minded people, who are willing to partner with our social business for generating greater good for community & a larger social purpose.

We are especially calling out to all those interested in engaging in Social Business, for an investment and buy-back of the Kurta/kurtis, skirts, shirts, pants, made from handwoven Kosli cotton/Sambalpuri cotton, silks, and Khadi fabric, procured from the local weavers. The garments are made by our women’s producers groups and will be guided by our team leaders. Write to us at and participate in our brand promotion for the artisans/producers at our microenterprises, in finding market links through our platform.



We are working with traditional artisans in several pockets of India to promote their works and assist them in linking with markets. We are working closely on bridging the gap between traditional and modern skills development. Our producer groups comprise of artisans working with handlooms, handicrafts, traditional/tribal arts, musical instruments, Mithila paintings, terracotta, and other products/articles.

Write to us at and participate in promoting the artisans.



We solicit partnerships from corporates, non-profits and other institutions for assisting in establishing Parinaama as a platform for start-up incubation of projects. We have a huge outreach with youth in rural communities across a range of health, education, and livelihoods options and wish to serve as a facilitation point.

JOURNEYS TO THE REMOTE – Explore, experiment and innovate

Parinaama invites one and all to visit and interact with our grassroots teams for a learning experience. We want everyone to explore the hidden, hear the voiceless and experience the odd and intriguing in our project areas. It is an opportunity to understand the communities from close quarters, their problems, and travails, stories of pain, pleasure, struggles and transformation. It also enhances understanding of the local culture and heritage, both tangible and intangible.

Calling out to youth volunteers, students, researchers, social thinkers, writers, journalists and peripatetic nomads to visit, share and experience the remote and unknown transformative journey. Write to us at for more information.


We invite individuals who are keen in giving back to communities to which they belong in more tangible ways. We help establish learning centers, skill development programs, microenterprise clusters, and micro-health facilities, on your behalf and in your locations, that will help you to realize your dreams of doing your bit for the society. Write to us at for more information.


Parinaama welcomes interns and volunteers, who’d like to contribute to a good cause while learning about social enterprises in India. We solicit expertise in setting up start-up clusters for micro and small enterprises, mobilization of needy SHGs, innovative ideas for marketing of products, social media reach-out, and sharing skills in entrepreneurship development. You can get in touch with us at


Parinaama invites college and university students of social work, sociology, population sciences, Dalit studies, tribal welfare, rural development, women’s studies and community health. We have a network of communities, especially those belonging to the socially and economically backward areas whose lives and life stories are a window to learning and designing programs. You can get in touch with us at

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Your support will be used to improve the welfare of the marginalised population and build a strong sustainable community.