serving the underserved

What has been the story of our organization?

Constructing the ‘numbers’ might be a helpful way to start, but we are sure not to stop there. The numbers are the invitation to further and deeper reflection. They are merely the signposts to something more. We take some time to remember, to reacquaint and perhaps, discover what we have encountered, as we have travelled this pathway.

Parinaama has been making a silent revolution. We are addressing some of the remotest areas that desperately need support, bringing in volunteers and partners from across the country and drawing global attention and experts, thereby introducing a new approach to working on development issues.


Stories From The Field

Numbers do matter, but stories matter more. And so, as with every journey, it will be the stories that survive and remain from our work.


SHG group

The SHG group from one of our participant villages was formed in 2012 but have availed loans that helped them meet immediate household expenses only. While the group had ideas to move forward, they had no support to link them to financial institutions and no skills to showcase. The group first came in touch with our team through community mobilization meetings held in the village. The members of the group individually enrolled in our program and obtained training for four months. After successful completion, they had approached the local bank for a loan. The group had purchased sewing machines and started taking orders and producing garments for a large store in the district headquarters. The group had successfully utilized the opportunity to earn a sustainable income and are now free of debt. They are no more dependent on small loans for personal use. They are truly empowered.


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