Our brand, Akriti, encompasses a range of traditional skills, with a diversified portfolio of livelihoods. We promote artisans as entrepreneurs and introducing entrepreneur development programs, so that they are able to meet the needs and demands of the market.

PARINAAMA works with small producer groups of different traditional livelihoods, based in villages and small towns in remote regions. A producer group consists of artisans or weavers, as well as those involved in the management of the group. The group facilitates the production processes, sourcing raw materials and allocating designs to the different artisans who work out of their homes.

One metre out of every four of the country’s cloth is produced in the handloom economy, yet it gets just one rupee out of 20 spent by the government on the textile industry. Modernisation and lack of demand has led to a lot of weavers to choose a different livelihood for themselves and many have been forced into debt.

"The spinning wheel represents to me the hope of the masses. The masses lost their freedom, such as it was, with the loss of the Charkha. The Charkha supplemented the agriculture of the villagers and gave it dignity. It was the friend and the solace of the widow. It kept the villagers from idleness. For the Charkha included all the anterior and posterior industries- ginning, carding, warping, sizing, dyeing and weaving. These in their turn kept the village carpenter and the blacksmith busy. The Charkha enabled the seven hundred thousand villages to become self contained. With the exit of Charkha went the other village industries, such as the oil press. Nothing took the place of these industries. Therefore the villagers were drained of their varied occupations and their creative talent and what little wealth these bought them.

India is herself an exploited country. Hence, if the villagers are to come into their own, the most natural thing that suggests itself is the revival of the Charkha and all it means."

(Harijan,13-4-1940) Mahatma Gandhi

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