To assist the marginalized communities in India, through grassroots development initiatives for improved standard of living.


A gender equitable, sustainable and socially inclusive world.


Parinaama seeks to maximize the social and economic impact of work through a three-pronged strategy: engage, enable, empower. Connecting with people through social mobilization, mass contact programs for understanding people’s needs and aspirations, capacity building through a cluster approach for enabling social development are the core drivers of change. Parinaama lays emphasis on enabling the economic empowerment of youth and women, not only in core skills but also leadership, financial literacy, and managerial skills, creating ownership of micro enterprises in communities, over the long run. Parinaama works in partnership with government, the private sector, public sector and communities.


  • Mofussil towns and villages, that are economically backward, across India.
  • Areas that do not have presence of public sector undertakings or other large industries.
  • Areas that have poor skill building opportunities and infrastructure.
  • Areas that have poor education and learning opportunities.
  • Areas with poor, fragmented mentoring support for women and youth programs.


Community mobilization

Parinaama aims to create a global community, offering a platform to connect, share, engage, empower and travel along with us. The programs aim to integrate the traditional models with modern livelihoods, enriching experiences and learning, at both ends of the spectrum. We believe starting with remote, less literate, socially-excluded communities. The best way to begin is conversations with people in the villages. Tracking down the poorest villages, underprivileged families, youth, and women, holding small meetings and mobilizing the communities is the first step. This helps generate a collective consciousness for bringing about social change. Parinaama has initiated a thought process, began a dialogue with communities, especially Dalits, and tribal populations and has developed a unique blend of partnerships with multiple stakeholders. We are working in a people-centric approach, starting from grassroots moving outwards to the village/district level and connecting outwards to state and national level.


  • Introducing social business for sustainability of projects
  • Blend of partnerships with multiple stakeholders
  • Robust social mobilization and people-centric approach
  • Rapport with people’s representatives and key opinion leaders
  • Alignment with poorest of poor populations
  • Encouraging self-reliance in communities
  • Thorough understanding of the local work ethic

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